Episode 16 - 45th Parallel

Boy oh boy oh boy…do we have a treat for you… it’s this podcast! It’s the biggest sequel episode we’ve EVER DONE!!!

Betty & Barney Hill Part 2 - Boz wraps up this saga, but not beofre freaking out Bentley with chilling audio clips of Barney under hypnoisis.

The Moon Part 2 - Bentley discusses different structures, the difference in Chinas photos of the moon and the USA’s and recommends a great documentary to watch.

They also discuss some creepy things that used to happen while Bentley and his pals played Silent Hill on the PS2.

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Episode 14 - 45th Parallel

They boys are back in town! Boz and Bentley have the same idea to start their own little mini series’

Boz tackles the Fairview Training Center. An old mental institution that has a dark history.

Bentley starts his mini-series on The Moon!

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Episode 11 - 45th Parallel

We have an awesome show for you today folks! Boz and Bentley talk some shop up at the top, do a “what would you do” scenario and then we get knee deep in it with Brandon Starseed. Fuck. What a great conversation.


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Episode 10 - 45th Parallel

Well well well… look who it is. It’s you! The listener! Welcome back to another adventure in the 45th Parallel with your two guides Boz and Bentley!

This week we open with a Remote Viewing test on Bentley. Will he pass? Then the boys get real and talk the Malaysian flight, NWO and a bunch of other stuff along the way.

- Boz then takes us into the dubious world of Doppelgangers.

- Bentley reveals the results of his remote viewing test and then gives us a brief history on the subject.

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Episode 8 - 45th Parallel

Whooo!!! We’re baaack.

Boz and Bentley sit down and have an amazing chat.

We talk
The Hover Board sham and the possibilities of actual Hover tech
The Poltergeist of the Borley Rectory
NASA shuts down live ISS cams

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Episode 9 - BONUS!!! 45th Parallel!!!

We recorded this episode and then were so involved with the event that was the Titanic Conspiracy we’re releasing this as a fantastic BONUS episode!

Boz and Bentley have a great time while talking about

La Llorona/The Woman in White
The Kuchisake-onna
A woman from a parallel dimensions story is read

Bentley also relates a ghost experience from his past!

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